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Potential distributors should have insight and understanding of the technologies they distribute.  Below are helpful links:



UnknownKeshe Foundation releases the power systems for home car on Oct.16th, 2015 at the 3rd World Peace  Conference in Italy.  Here is a link to the conference and a very informative follow up conference.


aromatherapy candle and bright orchid on zen stones

Keshe Foundation Knowledge Seekers 46th Workshop.  Live Stream Date – Jan 21, 2015.  In this workshop Keshe discusses the CO2 Kit and we see the kit via the manufacturer in China.  MAGGRAV CANADA is mentioned around the 1 hour mark as well.  We also get to see the healing pad, slated to be ready for sale and distribution via MAGGRAV CANADA mid Feb, 2015.  There is also great discussion surrounding the future of plasma technology and plasma reactors.


alexKeshe Foundation Knowledge Seekers 1st Italian Workshop: Live Stream Date – December 15, 2014

In this workshop, Keshe gives a lesson on his view of the universe, the nature of light, the nature of magnetic fields and gravity and our place within the universe.  This lesson is designed to educate about “plasma.”

CO2Kit-byOmegaQuantumKeshe Foundation Chinese Knowledge Seekers Workshops

The Chinese have been working with the Keshe Foundation for some time now.  There are several videos of interest.

The Dec.8, 2014 video covers the gans reactor, which is using CO2 gans plasma.  This is where we are headed folks!  This video confirms that we do not need nuclear reactors.  The video is recommended for engineers and inquisitive people who want to learn about technical aspects of Keshe plasma reactors.

The Nov.24, 2014 video covers a few things.  First, the building of the Chinese plasma reactor. Second, using CO2 gans for agricultural purposes.  (roughly the 40 minute mark onward).

UnknownKeshe Foundation Kids Knowledge Seekers Workshops:

There a number of videos at this page.  I would recommend you go through them, skim them, they are very interesting.

images-4Keshe explains the nature of plasma and modern physics.  (Warning: this is a technical definition)

7th Health Teaching Workshop Oct 24, 2014

This workshop begins with an explanation of the physical periodic table.  Keshe then explains the nature of plasma and physics.  Keshe begins speaking at the 24 minute mark.